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Dr. Simon Harrer
Dr. Simon Harrer

Worum geht’s?

For more than two years, we’ve been using the method “Remote Mob Programming” in a project for our customer Breuninger. And we don’t work differently anymore. You’re asking yourself why we think that way? Never before have we worked so focused. Never before have we learned so much in so little time. Never before have we written so simple and pragmatic code. Never before did we have so much time for our families. Never before could we go on leave without any hand overs. Never before did we have so little meetings although we were in one big meeting the whole day. Interested? Let’s get a sneak peek on what it’s like to do Remote Mob Programming full-time. We’ll tell you what works (Test-driven Development and written decisions) and what doesn’t (reading documentation and workshops), which tools we use (Zoom and our very own mob tool), which problems (bad WiFi, too little breaks, different working hours) and resistance (“Aren’t you more productive when you parallelize the work?”) we faced and how we solved them. But most interesting, we hope, is our very special guest, Rene Weinert. He’s a product owner at Breuninger and will tell you his perspective of having a team that has gone full remote mob programming.

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