A Practical Guide to Destroy Cross-Functional Teams


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Sven Johann
Sven Johann

Worum geht’s?

These days, cross-functional teams have a lot on their plate: besides the typical responsibilities of a development team like software development, they are now also responsible for securing their system, infrastructure, operations, monitoring, UX, testing/QA and costs/rentability. This is quite a lot for a team, which consists ideally of 5-8 people and where all required skills should be covered by 2-3 team members - e.g., if you have only one person who understands infrastructure, this person will be a bottleneck and won't have relaxed vacations.
Is it possible to setup such a team? This talk looks first at ideas which will certainly plunge you in the abyss and you need to avoid. Then we'll look into ideas how companies of all size can make cross-functional teams run without stress and overburdening.

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